5 Original Poems



Orange neon hum and glow, paints
across the blackish backdrops
(texture dabbed by breathing smog)
throbbing darkened views of crystalline towers
rising without rhythm,

folding up edges in their reflection

pulsing shadows

in small places


© Benjamin Thomas




In the crowded horizon
crooked edges pile up around
imbuing new dimension to the sky
constraining footsteps as
panoramas, to the

to narrow alleys in the shade
and in curved, uneven back streets
where one can lose his way


© Benjamin Thomas




A high reaching violet frequency, piercing
widely           descending sharply
an elastic filigree is stretched down
to a perfect
and grey silence like dull bullets  



A bead of black ink, the profound midnight oil
poured upon the reachless, unknown,
white abyss
flecking dimension, height,
leaking, veiling
length, and forms
in ghoulish voids


© Benjamin Thomas





When floor and sky should meet in view
to lie together side by side,
with nothing between but trees

to divide

Just as when lungs’ capacity is reached
or an open mind
that echoes wide
as that dazzling expanse


© Benjamin Thomas



We need only sunlight and an earthly eye
to perceive
in the shadows on the wall
the tango of the warmest
and the coolest air


© Benjamin Thomas



One thought on “5 Original Poems

  1. Beautiful visceral language….as I was reading I simply liked the way the words, the sound of them, cascaded through me. The impact carried the meaning well enough and then I went back and let my head have a go! Great stuff… Jana


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